World Of Watersports Super Thriller 3 Towable Tube


Get ready thrill seekers! The WOW Super Thriller 3-Person towable features a tapered construction higher in the front end to prevent submersion and enhance wake performance. Constructed with a heavy-gauge PVC bladder, Tuff Shell nylon cover, reinforced towing system, and EVA foam pad. Includes a speed valve for faster inflation and deflation with a zippered valve cover.

  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder
  • Double-webbed handles
  • Reinforced towing system
  • Speed valve for fast inflation/deflation
  • Zippered valve cover
  • Tapered construction higher in the front to improve performance
  • Cover Material: Tuff Shell Nylon
  • Deflated Dimensions: 80" x 68"
  • Inflated Dimensions: 75" x 62"
  • Number of Handles: 6
  • Number of Riders: 3
  • Tow Points: 1
  • Tube Construction: PVC