Stolen Hurricane Invest Cast 28mm Offset BMX Bike Fork Matte Black

The Hurricane is P² Post Production heat-treated for superior strength. Our one-piece spiral fluted (Vortex) steerer reduces weight without decreasing strength. The 31.6/1.4/1.1mm tapered legs are fluted as well, making these the strongest forks we've made to date. Top it off with our new investment cast 6mm thick dropouts and you've got a fork you can trust to hold up to any style of riding. Black Alloy top cap included.Height: 314mm. Steerer Tube Length: 172mm. Bearing Race: Machined/Integrated. Offset: 28mm. Compression Bolt: 24x1.5mm. Comression Bolt Tool: 6mm Allen Key. Weight: 36.2 oz.