Scott Fix Goggles Mens

The Scott Fix is an amazing value goggle loaded with features, without a steep price tag. The Spherical OptiView Double Lens has a wide field of vision, and eliminates distortion out of your peripheral vision. Scott's Enhancer Lens is designed to be highly versatile by enhancing your vision when the light conditions are partly sunny to cloudy. Articulated Outriggers add a sense of style along with making the Fix very comfortable and easy to fit over your helmet. A NoFog Anti-Fog Treatment and ACS Air Control System prevents fogging by allowing air to flow in between the lenses to keep your vision clear on the mountain. Articulated Outriggers-Easily fits on any helmet comfortably. Enhancer Lens-Ideal in partly sunny to cloudy conditions, very universal. Spherical OptiView Double Lens-Provides a wide, distortion-free field of vision. NoFog Anti-Fog Treatment-Keeps lenses clear and fog-free. ACS Air Control System-Allows air to flow between lenses to prevent fogging and regulate temperature. Medium-Large Fit. Anti-Fog Coating.