Rossignol XV Sushi LF Light Snowboard Womens

A 14mm narrower version of 3X FWT-winner Xavier De Le Rue's XV Sushi LF for lighter built riders. A tribute to the intersection of snow and surf and the roots of snowboarding in Japan, circa 1990. Featuring our innovative L.I.T.E. Frame technology and throwback directional "fish" shape, the Sushi Light delivers a surprisingly versatile ride be it effortless powder slashing fun or railing groomers.
  • Base density: 7500 Sintered
  • Snowboard shape: Directional
  • Sidecuts: Progressive
  • Rocker Camber: Amptek Elite
  • Snowboards flex rate: FLEX 5/10
  • Suggested weight (KG & LBS): 50 to 75kg / 110 to 165Lbs
  • Core: Wood 5620 + Lite Frame
  • Boot size (max): >32cm
  • Weight: 2900gr (144)