Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher Wakesurfer

A soft-top constructed surfer combining elements of speed, reduced weight and durability. The result is our most advanced recreational core to date with aspects of the performance found in our high-end line up, the durability of a soft top, yet produced for riders on a budget. This thruster outline has more effective edge in the water than most boards, for added grip into a turn and stability traveling down the wave’s line. Performance: All Levels. Construction: Marsh "Mellow": The feel of a traditional surfer – the durability of a wakeboard.. Thickness: Standard: Added top water speed with increased buoyancy for a rider that wants a traditional surf feel in the waterline.. Rail: Full: Smooth predictable arcs for a floaty surf feel.. 2 – 2.3” Alfred Fins. 1 – 2.9” Alfred Fins. Machined EVA Front / Rear Pad. Lava Resin. Handmade by Robots. Core Vents.