Ronix Koal Surface Wakesurfer

A combination of toes on the nose stability with the agility of your favorite short board. Packed down to either a 4’5” or 4’11” size capable of doing modern day responsive cutbacks yet has the profile that would make the great waterman Duke proud. Created for the rider that wants a freeride vibe capable of new school maneuvers off the lip. Performance: All Levels. Construction: Koal Surface: A blend of our other lightweight Koal constructions, formed similar to our Modello boards, and wrapped in a bulletproof Surface skin. Thickness: Standard: Added top water speed with increased buoyancy for a rider that wants a traditional surf feel in the waterline. Rail: Full: Smooth predictable arcs for a floaty surf feel. Fin – S System. 1 – 3” Fiberglass Fin. 2 – 4” Fiberglass Fin. Machined EVA Front / Rear Pad. Lava Resin. Handmade by Robots. Core Vents.