Overtons Inflatable Dock


The Overton's Inflatable Floating Dock is made with super rigid, high-pressure, drop-stitch construction that comfortably supports standing adults. This floating dock provides extra play space and easily holds beach chairs for summertime lounging. It can also function as a work platform making cleaning, repairs, and detailing a breeze. Or use it as a landing/launching pad for varied watercraft.

The floating dock design includes 6 stainless steel D-ring tie-downs and 6 super strong reinforced grab handles for easy boarding. H3 high-pressure valve allows quick inflation and deflation.

  • Super rigid, high-pressure, drop-stitch construction
  • Comfortably supports standing adults
  • Great as a play space, lounge area, or launching pad for various watercraft
  • Includes 6 stainless steel D-rings and 6 grab handles
  • H3 high-pressure valve