O'Brien High HP 12V Inflator Air Pump

Inflate your tube the easy way with this powerful, high-volume, 2.3 psi electric air pump. This 12V High-Pressure Inflator easily connects to your boat or car battery to obtain maximum power for inflating large volume towable tubes and other inflatables. The high-volume output from this pump will quickly have your tube at its ideal pressure, so you can truly enjoy the ultimate performance out of it on the water. Packaged with a kink-proof hose and a wide variety of nozzles, you'll have everything you need to spend less time filling and more time having fun. Durable, heavy-duty construction. Over 9' long 12V DC power cord with alligator clips. Kink-proof hose. Quickly and easily inflates/deflates most inflatables. Includes a wide selection of nozzles. Recommended for inflating large towable tubes. Max. Pressure - Up to 2.3 psi.