O'Brien Celebrity Jr Combo Skis

With all the attributes that make the adult Celebrities a best-seller, the 58" Celebrities are the perfect skis for preteen to early teenage skiers and lighter adults. These shorter combo skis allow for better maneuverability and more fun on the water for these smaller skiers. Packaged with a removable stabilizer bar to simplify the learning process, the 58" Celebrities are the perfect way to introduce the youth to waterskiing and enhance the fun on the water. The Celebrity 64s have all the great features of our best-selling 68" Celebrities in a compact, more manageable size for smaller skiers. Just 4" shorter and slightly narrower than the 68" Celebrities, they are the perfect pair for lighter skiers who want increased maneuverability from their skis. In particular, the size of the Celebrity 64s works great for women and teenage kids. Its flatter, faster rocker line reduces drag and minimizes fatigue for more comfortable experience on the water. Sizes: Length - 58" (147 cm), Length - 64" (162 cm). Jr. X-7 Bindings - Pinch-slide adjustment for effortless entry. Foot Size - Men's US 2-7. Dual Tunnel Design - Slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride. Removable Stabilizer Bar - Holds the ski tips together and makes learning easy(only for 58"). Nylon Fins - Great hold on the water and easy on the boat interior. Weight Range - Up to 120 lbs(58").