Oakley Roundhouse Short Gloves Mens

Tame cold weather conditions with our Roundhouse Short Glove that features an array of functional elements, such as a touchscreen-compatible design. Superb 3M THINSULATE and our exclusive FN DRY and 10K technology serve to provide first-class warmth, breathability, and moisture management, while adjustable Velcro at the wrists and retention straps round out its comfort and versatility features.
  • 68% Polyester, 27%PU, 3% Polyamide, 1% Elastane, 1% Rubber
  • Touchscreen-compatible design
  • Superb 3M THINSULATE
  • FN DRY and 10K technology s
  • Breathability and moisture management
  • Adjustable Velcro at the wrists
  • Retention straps