NRS Patch N Repair Kit

PatchNRepair is a tough, formable patch that excels in repairing breaks, cracks, and holes on almost any hard, non-porous surface.It's easy to use. Clean the surface with alcohol, cut the patch to size, heat it until pliable, remove the paper backing and apply the patch. No muss, no fuss. When cool, the patch forms a strong, structural repair that can be sanded, drilled and painted. You need to heat the patch to approximately 194 degrees F before forming to the repair area. The patch provides a waterproof, permanent seal. Since there's no liquid adhesive, the repair is non-messy and environmentally friendly. Bonds well to a wide variety of materials, including polyethylene, which is notoriously difficult to repair. Discounts and/or coupons do not apply to this item.