Nidecker Odyssey Narrow Snowboard Womens

This new board for 2019/20 isn’t one you’d expect to see in a traditional women’s line. But, why shouldn’t ladies who love surfing be able to find those same surf sensations on the snow? Thanks to the Odyssey, now they can. Just like the Mellow for the men, the Odyssey is designed for mellow, laid back freeriding, and just oozes cool as it links smooth, surf style turns in powder, on groomed runs or through end of season slush. It totally blurs the line between the sensations you get from gliding along a wave, or sliding down a mountain. The full veneer wood top sheet made from pure ash helps absorb unwanted vibrations, makes the board more responsive and gives it extra pop.
  • Construction: Premium Sandwich
  • Core: Master Core
  • Top: Absorbnid
  • Base: N-6000
  • Fiberglass: Dual PLUS
  • Inserts: 4/2 - - 5
  • Extras: Matte Finish
  • Profile: Diamond Nose / Tail Fish
  • Radius: 7m/8m
  • Set Back: 30 mm
  • Riding Style: Freeride
  • Riding Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Surfy Camber
  • Floatable: 10/10
  • Carvability: 9/10
  • Switch: 5/10
  • Speed Stability: 9/10
  • Flex Rating: 8/10