Marker Duke Pt 16 Ski Bindings

The new and innovative Marker Duke PT 16 is a game changing binding for aggressive skiers looking to rule the inbounds terrain, and still be able to skin when the inbounds terrain is all chewed up. Marker's new revolutionary binding delivers bombproof retention and performance on the way down the mountain. The new Ride and Hike Toe keeps your boots clamped in, but when it comes time to hit the backcountry, you can lock AT boots into the toe piece for a fast and easy skin. The new Inter Pivot 3 Freeride Heel utilizes a Magnesium Housing for a heavy duty energy transmission and power. The Lock and Walk Brake stays locked up when you are in climbing mode. When in climbing mode you can set the brake up into 0 and 10 degrees for more efficient skinning. Marker's new Convertible Toe allows you to remove a small part of the toe piece to save 300g on the way up. The Auto Quad Lock Technology has 4-points of self-locking mechanism in the toe that ensures you are in and staying in. The new Anti-Ice Rail helps prevent your binding from getting iced over on those cold and snowy skin tracks when you know the pow is going to be deep on the way down. Ride and Hike Toe. Inter Pivot 2 Freeride Heel. Convertible Toe. Lock and Walk Brake. Auto Quad Lock Technology. Anti Ice Rail. Sole ID Technology, Compatible with Alpine, AT and GripWalk Boot Soles.