Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus XC Skis Mens

We built the Redline Carbon Skate Plus Ski to give Madshus athletes the confidence to shatter cross-country speed records. Due to its specifically tuned medium low camber profile, P200 Plus base, and short pressure zones with Speed Tip Plus splay, the Redline Carbon Skate Plus is the recommended ski for soft breaking snow. The optimal range of operation is from -1 degrees Celsius to warmer conditions.
  • Sidecut: 44-43-44mm
  • Weight: 950g/190cm (pair)
  • Binding: NIS 7(recommended, not included)
  • Core: PR 100X & Triaxial Carbon Plus Construction
  • Base: P200 Nano Black Plus
  • CAD: Computer Aided Design
  • Camber: Skate Medium/ Madshus Speed Tip