Liquid Force Watson Hybrid Wakeboard 135

Shawn Watson is one of the true icons of Liquid Force''s sport... he's been in the game for years and has had some of the most successful promodel boards in wakeboarding history. His current design, the WATSON HYBRID is no different. Soon to be a legend in itself, this board has defined hybrid technology featuring a unique Triple Concave-to-Dual Concave V hull, Hybrid Construction and Liquid Force''s exclusive Grind Base to make it dangerous in all scenarios. Watson spends more time behind the boat, so his shape is designed to smoothly charge up his favorite modern wakes, yet it's built lively AND tough enough to dominate any cable park obstacle, as well. Similar to Shawn, the WATSON HYBRID gets it done time and time again...

  • Hybrid Technology: Watson's performance hull shape with unique flex characteristics results in a board that boosts wake-to-wake, and has smooth, buttery flex for the ultimate in rail riding
  • 3 Stringer Precision CNC Wood/PU Core... updated for 2015 to give livelier flex: Rail and Center stringers give a lively response, flex, and board feel
  • Triple Concave Mid-Section into Dual Concave Vee: Softens landings while maintaining speed, accelerates into and out of turns and off the wake
  • Concaved Beveled Rail: Catch-free on rails, extra bite on the water
  • Special Triax Glass Layup: Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker... slightly increased for 2015!
  • LF Slider Quad Fin Setup
  • LF Exclusive GRIND Base: Durable Sintered base material for long lasting rail park fun
  • LF Exclusive Liquid Rail