KHE DT Spoke Nipples

With 60 years of experience in spoke production, DT-Swiss is the unquestionably the world's leader in bicycle spoke technology. The spokes are manufactured in DT-Swiss home city of Biel, Switzerland, which is also the home of the world's most prestigious watch makers like Rolex, Tag Heuer, and many others. In the longstanding tradition of Swiss clock-making, DT-Swiss is committed to precision manufacturing and high quality standards for timeless products. Designed with performance and longevity in mind, DT-Swiss spokes are made from high quality stainless steel using a special patented manufacturing process. Our DT-Swiss X KHE bikes spokes are double butted which means the spokes are thinner in the center than at each ends. Whereas most other spokes are pulled or drawn into their butted shapes, DT Swiss chose a unique cold forging technology to reduce the diameter of the spoke. Each DT spoke is rotary forged in order to improve the spoke microstructure and enhances its mechanical properties. This process results in better strength to weight ratio with improved elasticity for a more durable spoke. Because no detail is too small, everything in the spoke has been tailored in order to ensure the best performances and longevity. The thread is rolled, meaning that no material is removed, and, like cold forging, this process maximizes strength due to the grain structure being hardened. DT-Swiss spokes are finished in black using electroplating that allows for a durable finish without weakening the spoke. Since 2008, KHEbikes is proud to be the worldwide exclusive distribution partner for DT-Swiss spokes in the box business. DT-Swiss X KHEbikes double butted spokes are now available in a wide range of sizes. All KHEbikes complete high-end wheelsets are assembled with double butted DT Swiss spokes.
  • Brass nipple
  • Very lightweight
  • 14 mm
  • 36 nipples included