K2 Maysis Mens Snowboard Boots

The number one selling boot in the world and for good reason. The exterior features an all-new pattern, and a new premium rubber outsole exclusive to K2. Inside, pair a heat-moldable Intuition® Control Foam Liner with our BOA® Conda heel retention system for an unrivaled fit that’s incredibly comfortable. There’s a reason David Djite´, Mark Wilson, Matt Belzile, Tim Eddy, and Gabe Ferguson ride the Maysis.. #WinningWithFit H4 BOA® Fit System with TX3 Lacing. Rubber Reinforced Articulating Cuff Upper with Endo™ 2.0. Intuition® Control Foam 3D Liner. Conda™ with BOA® Liner Lacing. 3D Formed EVA Footbed. This Grips! Premium Rubber Outsole with Harshmellow™. S’Cafe™ Coffee Mesh. Flex: 7/10.