K2 Gotback Skis Womens

If you thought big waists weren’t sexy, thinkagain. The GotBack packs 102mm under herbelt and is proud of every millimeter. Though nolonger the biggest gal in the neighborhood, theGotBack is clearly the most versatile. Lighterand more playful, she’s just as happy going forlong walks in the backcountry as she is paintingsmooth arcs in an open bowl or dancing throughtight trees at the resort. She’s says it’s due to herAll-Terrain shovel rocker and Bioflex core, but Ithink she’s just being modest.

Key Features of the K2 Gotback Skis:
  • CONDITION: 50% Powder / 50% Variable
  • CONSTRUCTION: Triaxial Braided, Cap,
  • Aspen/Paulownia/Bamboo - Bioflex 2
  • WEIGHT: 1740g
  • SIZES: 146, 153, 160, 167, 174
  • RADIUS: 20m @ 167
  • Built with All Terrain Rocker
  • Dimensions: 135/102/121

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