Jet Pilot Perch Wakesurfer

The Perch is the most versatile board in the JetPilot quiver. Designed with a fuller, longboard style nose and body. Step back to the tail for more speed, flow, and performance, or simply enjoy the perfect trim of “cheater-5” noserides. Decades of hand shaping and riding traditional longboard surfboards informed the design of the Perch. A full nose outline and light bottom nose concave combine for epic nose rides. The bottom features a spiral vee for easy rail-to-rail flow. The forward rails are soft and forgiving, while the squash tail and edgy rear rails blend for a natural, seamless flow in and out of turns. The versatile 5-fin option allows you to ride the Perch as a traditional single fin, a twin, thruster, or quad. The Perch is the epitome of fun for all levels and styles. Get out there and get perched!

Anyone can ride this board, it’s a cruiser but when you set it up as a twin fin it offers up some really fun carving. Walk the nose, carve, or just do like Shane…..lie down and enjoy the ride.
  • Squash Tail
  • Soft Rail
  • Fin Setup
  • Custom Jetpilot Fiberglass "Perch" Center Fin with 4 Standard Quad Fins
  • 2 Piece Smooth Channel EVA Tailpaid
  • 4 Piece Full Deck EVA Tractio Pad
  • Slight Single Concave Throughout, with a Touch of Vee at Tail for Smooth Release
  • Smooth Continuous Rocker Curve with Subtle Entry and Gentle Release