Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard Mens

The future of cable shapes: The Wishbone featuring Air Stick technology.

Hyperlite tasked world-renowned shaper Aaron Stumpf to create the next generation cable specific deck after he hit a home run with the Union. Working with our cable team Aaron created the Wishbone, featuring the exclusive Air Stick Wood Core. Air Stick is a 100% bamboo wood core that is ultra durable with an unmatched response and lively feel. Strategic slots have been cut lengthwise throughout the core reducing weight while delivering a unique feel on features and feather-light feel in the air. The Power Press rocker line makes pressing a breeze while the Flat Nose Profile locks in on features. Slap an ABS Sidewall and Hyperlite's Sintered Enduro Base on the Wishbone and BOOM! you have the most anticipated cable collective board to date!
  • Power Press Rocker
  • Airstick Core
  • Monocoque Construction
  • Layered Glass
  • Carbon Torsion Zone
  • ABS Sidewall
  • Sintered Endura Base
  • Shaped by Aaron
  • Finless