Hyperlite Murray Pro Mens Wakeboard Handle W/Flat Line Combo Blue 85ft

Each of our 2023 Pro Handles like the Blueprint, Rusty, Murray, Capitol and Riot are available as a Pro Package, featuring our tested Silicone Flat Line. Each Handle includes Ultralight Nylon Endcaps with our Anti-Roll System or ARS. Total line length is 75 feet with 2 removable 2.5 foot sections and 2 removable 5 foot sections offering multiple line length options for all Wakeboarders.Hyperlite’s top athletes were free to create a wakeboard rope and handle that complements their pro model wakeboards. Choose the Pro Package that suites your style from Noah Flegel, Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski, Cory Teunissen and Trever Maur. Ultralight Nylon Endcaps. ARS (Anti-Roll System) Equipped. 15” Bar Length. Adjustable from 60’ to 75’. Silicone Flat Line.