Hyperlite Capitol Loaded Mens Wakeboard

Cory Teunissen joined Team H/L in 2021 and immediately made an impact, now we are excited to launch his new pro model wakeboard, the Capitol Loaded. Featuring Hyperlite's exclusive Loaded Construction the Capitol utilizes a lightweight core encased with 3K Carbon laminates. The Blended 3-Stage Rocker sets the tone for the ride delivering a huge pop off the wake which Cory prefers. The Capitol Loaded incorporates a Dual Concave Base through the belly, a Butch feature, keeping the board speedy on edge and smooth while carving. Tip and tail channels exit the board with sharp angles for a fast and clean release from the wake. Join Cory and enjoy the newest Loaded wakeboard in the Hyperlite line-up. Loaded Construction. 3K Carbon Top & Base. Blended 3-Stage Rocker. Sharp Exit Channels Tip & Tail. Minimum Swing Weight Profile. Dual Concave Base in Belly. Layered Glass. Monocoque Construction. Sized UP Philosophy. Shaper: Butch Customs. M6 Inserts. Fins: 4-Pack - .7 SS Beam.