HO Burner Slalom Blank Slalom Waterski Mens

The Burner Slalom brings back the classic waterski feel to the HO Skis line with its V-Bottom Design, built to stabilize ski direction for easier starts and cut progression. In combination with its oversized shape, the Burner Slalom makes skiing at slower speeds increasingly relaxed and pleasurable.

V-Bottom Design: Boat-hull inspired spine on the bottom of the ski that creates amazing tracking ability in choppy water. The V-Bottom base produces a stable surface optimized for control that makes starts and cults smooth and easy.
  • V-Bottom Design: maximum stability and effortless cuts
  • Oversized Shape for easy starts and relaxed skiing at reduced speeds
  • Traditional Construction for the smooth classic waterski feel
  • Pair with freeMAX front lacing slalom boot for easy entry & comfortable ride