GNU Forest Bailey 4 Snowboard Mens

From his ever expanding portfolio of paint and snowboard prowess, Forest brings us a brand new creation, the directional C3 “4”. Easy on the eyes, power, pop and float. Designed and built to stimulate creativity and pleasure in all conditions on all terrain!
  • Core: Aspen/Paulownia II Heels: Sustainably Harvested, Lighter, Stronger and Poppy
  • Glass: Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax: Strong and Poppy
  • Top: Eco-Sublimated Bio Beans Top: Tough and Environmentally Nice
  • Base: Sintered Knife cut: Fast, Tough and Holds Wax
  • Sidewalls: UHMW: Tough, Environmentally Friendly
  • Camber3: Correct Camber
  • Aggression - Control/Precision/Power
  • Camber/Mild Rocker/Camber
  • Unreal Edge Hold - Magne-Traction
  • Serrated Steak Knife Technology
  • Handbuilt in the USA by Snowboarders with Jobs!
  • Mervin Made - Zero Hazardous Waste
  • Art: Forest Bailey /
  • All Mountain Freestyle/Directional