Globe Surf Glass Cruiser Deck

Our new wood-less construction has been built from the ground-up, modernizing the bygone era of skateboarding when surfboard shapers would make skateboards out of leftover fiberglass. Much like our Fiber-Carve construction, these boards are made to carve and the convex deck adds a playful bounce. Paired with all new back-set, extra wide RetroFlex 58mm wheels and Tensor alloy trucks with hollow axle and kingpin, the Surf Glass Series is perfect for carving up banks and invoking yesteryear nostalgia. 24" x 6.125" x 14" WB. Fiber-carve flex deck. 3.5" Tensor Alloy trucks. Globe Abec-7 bearings. 58mm 85a wheels. Clear broadcast grip. Semi-translucent deck.