Blackburn Barrier Fat Bike Mud Guard

With a minimalist design and maximum performance, this front fender shields you from mud and spray without getting in your way. It mounts easily with reusable hook and loop straps, so you can attach it to nearly any mountain bike fork without any worries.
  • Any Fork Mount: Mounts to either rigid fork crown or lower stanchion arch on suspension forks.
  • Fits MTB Tires: Up to a 3" width.
  • Folding Design: Our unique design bends with the tire and improves fender coverage.
  • Trim Lines: Lines are printed right on the product to make it easy to tune for your needs.
  • Mounting Straps: Includes hook and loop strapping that can be cut to length to fit YOUR bike.
  • Built from number 5 recycleable polypropylene
  • 0.8mm thickness