Bic Techno 185D Windsurf Board

This legendary range in many ways wrote the modern history of funboarding, with easy-riding, highly versatile boards that are valued for their performance, their strength, their light weight and the quality of their fittings. Built using ACE-TEC construction technology, the Techno boards have become the benchmark in their category. The 2017 range divides neatly into: The blue series with the super-versatile Techno 240 D, Techno 205 D and Techno 160 D which come fitted with a (retractable) daggerboard on the one side, on the other the red series with the Techno 148 and 133 pure funboards.

Techno 185 D Big volume, stable, the Techno 185 D is the perfect combination for bigger sized beginner riders looking to learn and progress fast and easily. In light winds, its long length gives it excellent glide, perfect for cruising the coastline.
  • Footpads or Deck Pad
  • Thermoformed plastic skin (ASA)
  • 50g/m2 Fiberglass wrap
  • 200g/m2 Woven Fiberglass
  • 200g/m2 Woven Fiberglass Reinforcement Patch in footstraps area + UD Carbon (T293OD only)
  • 200g/m2 Woven Fiberglass Rail Reinforcement
  • Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core
  • Length: 293 cm
  • Width: 79 cm
  • Volume: 185 liters
  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Fin: Ride 46
  • Daggerboard: Yes
  • Ideal Sail (m²): 2.5>8.5
  • Program: Beginner/Freeride
  • Technology: ACE-TEC