Arbor Shiloh Rocker Midwide Snowboard Mens

The Shiloh is a big mountain twin that's built to deliver performance, value, and all-terrain versatility. Artist, design, and snowboard media creation vet, Aaron James Draplin is back with his beautiful bold lines and attention to detail on this year's Shiloh. Expect snappy takeoffs and stable landings while riding Draplin-approved crisp, clean lines in all terrain. Carbonized Bamboo Powerply. Bio-Plastic Topsheet. Double Barrel II Core. Sintered Base. Biax Glassing. 2x4 14 Pack Inserts. 360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls. Recycled Steel Edges. Bio-Resin. 3-Year Warranty. Wend Natural Wax. Factory Tuned. Big Mountain Twin. Flex: 6/10.