About Us

Dj’s Boardshop is a true “ride” company. All employees at Dj’s Boardshop participate in EVERY sport we sell products for. These sports are our passion and what we live for. “We know the feeling of dropping in on a back country bowl with no other lines but yours. We know the feeling of those glassy sunset sessions with no other boats on the lake. We know the feeling and that is why we do what we do.”

We work to play and can’t think of a better way to make a living than selling gear that keeps people happy and active. Because we know how good gear should feel and perform, we buy it, and we buy it right. Most of our gear is last year’s product. This is how we offer such competitive pricing. We want everyone to be able to afford the ride. If you do decide to make a purchase, know that you’re buying from honest riders in the business for the right reasons.

We help you ride more by selling good products. You help us ride more by buying our products. It’s beautiful, eh? Thank you so much, Dj’s Boardshop, “We Ride What We Sell”

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.