HO Freeride Combo Skis w/ Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings

Waterskiing just got a lot EASIER and MORE FUN! The Freeride Combos are unlike any other waterski pair out on the market. They're compression molded, with a construction much lighter and stronger than traditional plastic base combo skis. Longer lasting and better performing, the Freeride combos are what every boat owner needs. We took the low-drag open water design of the revolutionary Freeride slalom ski and developed it into a pair that sets a new standard for combo waterskiing. The result is more stable get-ups, smoother carving and faster skill progression!

Key Features of HO Freeride Combo Skis w/ Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings

  • COMPRESSION MOLDED: Stronger lighter construction for long lasting fun!
  • CLEAN EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Clean Edge Technology is bevel-less and the sidewalls are rotated inward like wakeboard edge, causing water to release cleanly off the ski's bottom surface. This results in a 50% less drag than conventional skis. This low drag back half of the ski means more lift, easier get-ups, less spray & less effort!
  • TRADITIONAL EDGE STABILITY: The traditional beveled edge in the Freeride's front half allows water to wrap around the bottom of the ski and up the sidewall where it finally releases off the ski's top edge. This rounded edge rides deeper in the water for the stability skiers need.
  • FREERIDE FLEX FRAME: A snowski inspired flex pattern allows the Freeride to bend its rocker into turns providing smooth carving with low effort.
  • ADJUSTABLE HORSESHOE BINDINGS: Easy to use Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings fit a large range of foot sizes
  • FREE "LEARN2WATERSKI" INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO LINK INCLUDED: Free "Learn2waterski" instructional video link included to get the entire family excited and confident. HOsports.com/Learn2waterski
  • Up to 30 mph recommended speed
  • Sizes: 63" - UP TO 110 LBS, 65" - 110 LBS - TO 150 LBS, 67" - 150 LBS - 200 LBS, 69" - 200 LBS - 250 LBS, 71" - OVER 250 LBS